Pirate’s Day September 10th

Sep 03 2016

Pirate’s Day September 10th.

Come out and see us!!!

Rt 9 and E. Bay Ave / Gazebo Park 9 – 4pm


Wildfire in the Northeast - Meeting the Challenge -

Sep 03 2016

Wildfire in the Northeast - Meeting the Challenge -

December 6-8, 2016 Mystic, Connecticut  Northeast Wildfire Workshop Flyer.pdf
An International Wildfire Prevention & Mitigation Workshop

The Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic Forest Fire Protection Compacts are hosting this first of its kind “HOW TO” international workshop, to be held at the Hilton Mystic Hotel. This is an opportunity for community leaders, emergency responders, homeowners, and wildfire professionals to share their knowledge and experience on key wildfire prevention and mitigation issues.

Will America's Worst Wildfire Disaster Happen in New Jersey?

Apr 21 2016
Fires in the West usually take over headlines, but the single most destructive blaze in U.S. history very well could occur in the Northeast

If the conditions are right, experts predict that on a dry morning in late April or May  the height of wildfire season in the reserve the dense forest between Philadelphia and Atlantic City could explode into an inferno that moves as fast as any out West. In a worst-case scenario, the fire might start just east of, say, the 7,000-person town of Tabernacle. Flames fueled by pine needles and 40-mile-an-hour winds will crawl within minutes from the forest floor to the crowns, growing from 20 to 30 to 70 feet tall as they leap between trees and over sandy roads. Between Tabernacle and the Atlantic Ocean are 30 miles of thick woodlands interspersed with a dozen retirement communities, a military base and a nuclear generator. If it is Memorial Day, there will also be thousands of vacationers. When Shawn Viscardi, the heavyset volunteer fire chief for Chatsworth an 800-person village in the reserve  hears the first smoke report on the radio, he'll pray the fire isn't already too far gone.


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Barnegat Fire Safety Council May Add More Members

Apr 13 2016
Barnegat Township Committeeman Frank Caputo said he was encouraged about the prospects for the recently formed Wildfire Safety Council, which held its initial meeting on April 18. It will meet again on Thursday, June 9.

Created by a recently adopted ordinance, the panel aside from Caputo includes John Cowie, the fire company’s fire prevention specialist; police Lt. Keith Germain, who is also emergency management coordinator; John Hess, township engineer; and Rico Fischer, construction code enforcement officer.

Also serving are three residents from wildfire risk developments: Nancy Reid, Horizons at Barnegat; James Mihalik, Pheasant Run; and Charlie Thomas, Four Seasons at Mirage. Those residential communities have all received “Firewise” designations through the New Jersey State Forest Fire Service, which encourages communities to develop projects to slow or stop the progress of a wildfire.

“The primary focus of this council will be education and prevention,” said Caputo. “People need to have an understanding and awareness of the wildfire risks. Fortunately, the town has already gotten a jump on this through the Firewise programs, but we can always do more.”

Forest fire danger remains high Tuesday

Apr 01 2016
The danger of forest fire remains high in New Jersey Tuesday, and a Red Flag Warning has been issued by the National Weather Service.
With no rain in the forecast, wind gusts of up to 25 mph and low humidity, conditions are perfect for a wildfire to be sparked and quickly spread, especially between noon and 8 p.m.

“That doesn’t mean every tree, bush, and field will spontaneous combust. Rather, if a fire gets started, it will spread quickly and become very difficult to contain,” meteorologist Dan Zarrow said. “That makes it very important for all New Jerseyans to use extreme caution with any outdoor burning. One discarded cigarette could set an entire forest on fire in such conditions.”
Robert Geist, spokesman for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, said “Fires can spread very rapidly if they are not detected suppressed rapidly. If a fire has started in the right fuels, they they can escape control efforts unless we are on the fire within minutes. Dry warm days with winds as we are seeing this week are perfect for fire spread.”
The threat is high throughout the northeast with an area from eastern Pennsylvania to southern New Hampshire under a Red Flag Warning. In New Jersey, Geist said “the Pine Barrens are always a critical area for fire in NJ due to its size and ground fuel resources such as dead trees, limbs and leaves.”


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